2017 CFQS Open Schedule

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2017 CFQS Open Schedule

For the next 5 weeks, this is going to be the schedule for the Open announcements and workouts. We will update all of you if anything changes*

Every Thursday at 8pm

The gym will remain open for everyone to watch the live open announcement.  You are welcome to bring friends, family, food and drinks! Once the live announcement is finished, Coach Callum (Cal) and Sean (Des) will be throwing down! We hope that everyone can stay to watch them compete and to cheer them on.

Every Friday

The Open workout will be the programmed workout for Friday. The 6:30am, 8:30am, and 12pm class will run as usual (with the Open WOD as the class workout). The evening classes will be replaced with heat times. We will be starting heats at 4:30pm and will go until 6:30pm. It is important to note that the start and end time may change depending on how long the workout is. After the announcement on Thursday, we will be posting a Google doc with all of the available heat times and athlete slots. They will be filled up on a first come, first serve basis.

**“Heat” definition: a group of athletes performing the workout at a set time.

Make Up Times

If you are unable to attend the workout on Friday we will have make up times available:

  • Saturday from 11am-12pm. Judges will be available.
  • Sunday from 10am-2pm. It is up to athletes performing the workout to coordinate a judge.
  • Monday. The time is TBD based on how many athletes that need to perform the workout. Please comment if you need to perform the workout on Monday.

*IMPORTANT: Any athlete that needs an alternate time that is not listed must message or speak to Callum or Storm to coordinate another time. We will not be allowing athletes to perform the workouts outside of the sanctioned times.

While the Open is a test of your fitness, it is also a time for our community to come together to support each other. It is designed for ANY AND ALL ability levels. It is not too late to register. You can do that by clicking here
*Scroll down and select register. Follow the steps. Be sure to enter CrossFit Queen Street as your affiliate. 

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Workout Tracking and Class Caps


Workout Tracking and Class Caps

Zen Planner Workout Tracking

We are now using the Zen Planner software to track workout results. It will allow you to view your previous workout results which will help you track your progress over time. You can log current and previous class workouts. We will also be introducing the ability to log the extra work we have programmed. If there are any features you would like to see or if there are any benchmark tests you would like to add in the workout tracking, please speak to one of the coaches. You may also notice that the TV will display workout scores in a leaderboard format. We want everyone recording their scores, but the leaderboard is not why we implemented this feature. The workout tracking is to help guide your training. As an athlete, the Zen Planner Member App will be the most efficient way to track your results. The App is available for both iOS and Android. When you get the app, upload a photo of yourself to your profile! If you have any questions the coaches are here to help. If you do not have a smartphone, workout tracking can be done through our member access website, as well as the computer in the gym. The links below have many details on how to use the Zen Planner App and well as the member website.



Class Caps

As you may have noticed the classes have been very busy lately. We are looking into adding another session but in the meantime, we will be introducing class caps. Beginning Monday each class will now be capped at 20 people. It will be mandatory to sign in for the class you are attending, using the iPad at the front desk. Using the Zen Planner App or Member website, you can reserve spots in classes, up to a week in advance. Reservations are not mandatory, but they ensure you have a spot in the class. If you cannot attend your reservation, please cancel it. This can be done on the App or our website. There is a link to our member page on the schedule section of our website.

-Get the Zen Planner App
-Add a picture to your profile
-Start logging scores
-Class caps at 20 people start Monday
-Sign-Ins Mandatory


2017 CrossFit Open - Strengthening Our Community


2017 CrossFit Open - Strengthening Our Community

What is the CrossFit Open? 

The CrossFit Open is the first of three stages towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games, and begins on February 27th 2017. Athletes of any level can sign-up to participate in the CrossFit Open and test their fitness against hundreds of thousands worldwide. At the end of the Open, the top 20 athletes from each region move on to regionals. The top 5 athletes from Regionals will then move on to compete at the CrossFit Games. Although the Open is a screen to ultimately find the fittest athletes on earth, it is also a special chance for the entire CrossFit community to come together both internationally and in the gym.
The CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE. There are Scaled and Rx versions of the workouts so that everyone can participate. For us, the Open is not about your score, it is about community. Last year everyone participated in the Open with Queen Street and we hope to do the same this year!


CrossFit is quantifiable program, which allows you to track and measure your performance. The CrossFit Open is an opportunity for you to compare your performance against your fellow gym members, athletes in your region and in the world. We want you to register! It is a way to show support for the gym, and to hold yourself accountable for participating. If this is your first time competing, then participating in the Open this year will give you a baseline to compare for next year.

To register for the Open, please click here.  Scroll down until you find the "Register" button. It is $20 US. Once you sign-up you can select CrossFit Queen Street as your affiliate. More details about how we will be running the Open at our facility will be announced as the date approaches. 


7 minutes of Hanging - January 2017 Challenge of the Month


7 minutes of Hanging - January 2017 Challenge of the Month

Last month was Handstands, 15 minutes/week for the month of December. This was a great chance to focus on mechanics, spend more time upside down, and was hopefully easy to follow regardless of where you were (back home or away on vacation).

This month we are doing the Hanging Challenge. Same as the Squat Challenge, all of the credit goes to Ido Portal and his blog post here - http://www.idoportal.com/blog/hanging.

The Challenge – Spend 7 minutes Hanging, every day, for the month of January.

Hanging is a gateway to upper body pulling movements such as Pull-Ups, Rope Climbs, and eventually more advanced variations. Spending more time hanging will develop grip strength, shoulder strength, shoulder mobility, and decompress the spine. We already do hanging during our warm-ups, but you will need to do more on your own if you want to meet the 7 minutes.

Important Notes
•    Read the Blog Post: there is a ton of great info in the original blog (linked above).
•    All hanging should be done with straight arms. You are welcome to incorporate different types of hanging depending on your goals (for ideas, see the blog post linked above).
•    Ideally, the hanging should be spread out throughout the day (same as the Squat challenge). In order to do this you may need to look for alternative anchor points (things to hang off of) when you are not at the gym. You may need to be creative.
•    Listen to your body, it should not be painful to hang. Your hands may be sore, but otherwise listen to your body. If you are experiencing pain from hanging, talk to a coach.
•    If you get wrist pain hanging off a pull-up bar, try hanging from rings instead.


Handstands - December 2016 Challenge of the Month


Handstands - December 2016 Challenge of the Month


Last month was the first month we revamped the challenge of the week structure. We ran the 30/30 squat challenge and saw great results with a number of athletes. The main goal of last month’s challenge was to get people spending more time in the bottom of a squat. Even though we are moving on to a new challenge this month we do not want to forget about the squat. 

We will be continuing to program more squatting in our warm-ups/preps and encourage you to go to that position on a daily basis. If you do not practice it, eventually you will lose your ability to go there. It is easier to maintain than it is to regain.

The focus for this month is going to be handstands. We are doing this for two reasons. The first is we feel that (like the squat) you need to go to this position on a regular basis if you want to develop it. The second is that with the holiday’s coming up many of you will be away and travelling, but you can always find a wall to practice handstands on.

The challenge – spend 15 minutes/week (accumulated time) in a Handstand.

Important Notes



  • This should be spread out over the course of the week. Ideally 3-4 minutes/day for 4-5 days/week.
  • The time is accumulated, only track the time you are in a handstand. 
  • In order to give your wrists a break we recommend taking off days throughout the week. If you have wrist issues or get pain in the handstand position talk to a member of the coaching staff before taking on this challenge.
  • If you are new to Handstands and struggle to hold the position for short periods of time you may either decrease the goal time or choose an easier variation (see below).
  • This challenge only works if you are practicing in the right positions. We want you to remain hollow, with your body stacked (everything in line). There are pictures of different handstand options below, regardless of your level you should be able to find a scale which you can perform. More advanced athletes may treat this as a chance to practice Freestanding Handstands, Handstand Walking, or other variations.


 Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

 Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

It is possible to balance yourself in a variety of positions (especially when you are using the support of a wall or box). We want to practice a specific position for handstands in order to build a base from which more advanced variations can be developed. Regardless of which variations you are performing we have a specific pelvic and shoulder position we are looking for. These positions are important because they provide a foundation to progress from. For your pelvis we want to see a posterior pelvic tilt. For the shoulder we want to have your shoulders elevate and elbows locked. See below.

Pelvic Position: we want to see you holding a posterior pelvic tilt. In this positions your hips will be directly under your spine, your abs will be squeezing up and your butt should be on. 

In the anterior position the back is arched and the pelvis is tilted forwards.

In the posterior pelvic tilt the torso is in a straight line and everything is braced. 

 Depressed Shoulder and Bent Elbows

Depressed Shoulder and Bent Elbows

 Elevated Shoulder and Locked Elbows

Elevated Shoulder and Locked Elbows

Active Shoulders & Locked Elbows: for your shoulder position we want you to be elevated (pushing away from the ground) with locked elbows. This is important because it is a much stronger support position. 

In the first photo there is a depressed shoulder (shoulders moving away from the ears) and bent elbow. When you start to fatigue in a handstand this is the position you will start to move towards. If at any point you fatigue to the point you can no longer maintain your position, rest. Spending long periods of time in this position will be significantly more challenging than with a locked elbow.

In the second photo there is an elevated shoulder (shoulders pushed towards the ground, or body pushing away from the ground) and locked elbows. Spending time in this position is significantly easier and will develop the body position we want for more advanced handstands.


Freestanding Handstand (see above)

 Wall Facing Handstand

Wall Facing Handstand

Wall Facing Handstand: this variation is a good option if you are looking to develop your body position or do not feel comfortable kicking up into a handstand. While you are in a Wall Facing Handstand think about maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt, driving your head through towards the wall, and pushing away from the ground as hard as possible. This is one of the best drills for developing your body position in the handstand. If going right to the wall is too challenging you may stop with your hands any distance from the wall, however your body position should not change.

 Box Handstand

Box Handstand

Box Handstand: if you do not yet have the strength or body control for a wall facing handstand this is the next option. The positions are the same but you will be supporting less of your bodyweight. This can be performed with your feet on the box (harder) or knees on the box (easier). The cues for this movement are similar to the wall facing handstand. Think about driving your head towards the box, pushing away from the ground, and keeping your hips stacked over top of your hands. If your hips get too far behind, you are no longer mimicking the body position for the handstand.



Plank: while planking focus on being as engaged as possible. Push away from the ground (protract and depressed through the shoulder) with locked elbows, posterior pelvic tilt, and legs straight. How you do the plank is the most important thing. Your body should remain straight the entire time, you should be thinking about pushing your chest away from the ground and your shoulders away from your ears (protracted and depressed). This position will provide a degree of carryover to the handstand because you are practicing a similar body position, and it will begin to develop support strength through your shoulder.


Incline Plank: if the plank is too challenging this is the final scaling option. Choose a surface which will allow you to support yourself on an incline. The points of performance are the same as the plank.


30/30 Squat - Challenge of the Month, November 2016


30/30 Squat - Challenge of the Month, November 2016

Over the past few weeks we have been working to revamp the structure of our “Challenge of the Week”. We wanted to do something which athletes would be more engaged with and hopefully see a noticeable change from. Instead of testing random movements each week, the new format will be a Challenge of the Month. Each of these challenges will have a specific goal and criteria for completion. Some may be strength focused, some may be nutrition related, and some may focus on a specific movement.

This month’s challenge is the 30/30 Squat Challenge. See the picture to the right for a reference. This is not an air squat, it is rock bottom of a squat and should be a relaxed position. This challenge was recommended at the Movement X seminar as a project to take on so we wanted to share it with all of you. It is taken from the Ido Portal 30/30 Squat Challenge Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/30squat/) and is in no way a Queen Street original idea. 

The Challenge: spend 30 minutes/day for 30 consecutive days in the bottom of a squat.

This should be broken up into shorter intervals throughout the day (1-5 minutes), and should be mixed in with your regular activities. Some of it may be at the gym, home, work, waiting for a bus, etc… There are no days off. Every day for 30 days.

Some guidelines taken from the group: 

“Rules of thumb:
1. No REST days during the 30 days.
2. Relaxed spine - no need to try to remain erect or with neutral spine. Its a RESTING position.
3. Width between the feet - around shoulder width apart but should be individualized and experimented with - aim for maximal depth and relaxation.
4. How much feet should be turned out or should they be facing forward? Don't let anyone sell you the idea of ONE perfect position - this should be individualized and experimented with - aim for maximal depth and relaxation.
5. Knee pain? Hip pain? stand up and move around. Resume the squat and work in small short bursts of squatting throughout the day.
6. Footwear? Best - barefoot. Second best - minimal footwear. 
7. Keep your heels on the floor if possible. If impossible, try a small heel support until you gain the proper mobility to squat flat foot on the ground. 
8. True sign of good squatting? When you get tired from STANDING - you squat and not vice versa! True story!
9. How deep should you squat? There is only one answer - DEEPER.”

You can expect to see an improvement in your mobility and comfort in the bottom position of the squat. Ideally, the bottom of a squat should be a resting position and if it is not yet, this challenge is a great way to start to get more comfortable in that position. If you spend a lot of time siting for work/school, we recommend giving this one a try.

We will be around to discuss more at the sessions, but in the meantime, the challenge begins tomorrow.


September 2016 - Update Post


September 2016 - Update Post

Since opening, we set the goal of trying to continuously improve every area of the gym. Over the past year we have taken a number of steps towards our commitment to make the gym better. This includes modifying the programming, investing in our coaching staff, investing in equipment, and renovating the space.

We are so lucky to have so many amazing people who have been a part of our community. Whether currently or past, everyone has contributed to the growth of Queen Street in one way or another (whether you realize it or not), and we are so thankful for that. The gym would not be possible without all of the amazing people who have contributed along the way and there is no proper way to thank everyone. We feel blessed to have so many amazing people in our community.

We are putting this post out as a commitment to you, every member of our community, as we want to do everything we can to make Queen Street as great as possible. This post will cover all of the areas we are currently working on to make the gym even better, and what you can expect coming up.


Renovations and Equipment

Training Spaces

If you have been away over the summer, the gym is going to look a bit different once you come back. We have opened up another thousand square feet of training space in the main area, and will be continuing to build that out over the next month. This will mean more space for classes, more space for extra work, and more space for awesome equipment.

At the moment, the main room is still under construction but we promise that once it is finished it is going to be more amazing than ever.


One of the major pieces we identified as missing from our gym is showers. We are pleased to say that showers are on the way (hopefully ready in the next few months) which will make the gym much more accessible for athletes who have commitments immediately after training (work, school, events, etc…). We realize that it can be difficult (or in some cases impossible) to train if you have to go to the gym, back home, and then to work/school. Once the showers are in, this will be solved.

Back Rooms and Extra Work

We want athletes to spend as much time at the gym as possible and have our two back rooms available for training in whenever the gym is open.

The back two rooms are currently being renovated (columns are being installed for the office space being built upstairs), and should be available for use again in the next week or two. Once the renovations are finished there will be more versatility to the rooms than ever before. The weightlifting room will have pull-up bars, rings, and potentially ropes for climbing.

This means that it will be even easier to get extra work in and busy sessions will not affect athletes training.

New Equipment

We have been lucky enough to make significant upgrades to all of the gym equipment over the past year. This includes, but is not limited to, more rowing machines, barbells, medicine balls, sandbags, full sets of dumbbells, plates, boxes, and much more.

Going forward we are planning to continue to expand on our equipment inventories in order to provide the best tools for athletes to develop their fitness. We are going to keep those plans under wraps. All you need to know is that it is going to be sweet!



This summer we organized more events than we have ever done, and all of them were a ton of fun. We will be releasing a separate post with specific dates for all of the upcoming events but if you are going to be around this year get excited as they are going to be a blast (if you are not around you should probably make the trip to Kingston just for the events).

All of our socials are going to be planned out ahead of time to ensure they can be planned them into your schedule.


Programming and Session Times

CrossFit WODs: Over the past year our programming we have made a number of changes to the programming. We no longer offer a specific competitive program, or multiple levels of programming. Instead we program one CrossFit workout each day which will challenge our best athletes and then scale back/modify for anyone who needs to. It is worth mentioning that the majority of athletes modify the workout in one way or another, and that is completely okay. We have found this model of programming to be the most successful for EVERYONE because it allows our community to train together, regardless of fitness level.

Warm-Ups: On top of the change to the WOD structure, we have been playing with more effective and fun warm-ups over the past few months in order to give our athletes the most out of their time at the gym. We are very excited to continue to develop this and feel that the warm-ups are the best they have ever been.

Extra Work: as a supplement to the CrossFit classes we offer extra work for athletes looking to do more outside of the classes. This has been a very positive addition as it provides structure to athlete’s additional training outside the classes and ensures that all of the pieces fit together on a weekly basis.

Barbell WOD: In addition to the CrossFit classes we are still offering Barbell WOD, our 3x/week weightlifting/strength program for athletes looking to get stronger and improve their technique. This program has been a huge success and will continue being offered throughout the school year.

New Class Times: we are very excited to announce that beginning on Tuesday September 6th (next week) we will be adding both an 8:30am and 7:30pm CrossFit class. This is due to popular demand for both of these times and will hopefully make the gym even more accessible, as well as ensure that no individual sessions are too busy. 

Seminar Classes: going forward we will be offering regular seminar classes focused on developing movements or educating athletes on fitness related topics. The exact structure has yet to be finalized but this is going to be an awesome way to develop skills outside of the regular classes.



There are so many more things we are planning on doing but in order to keep this post a reasonable length we will bring those up later.

If you skipped through everything up until this point, all you need to know is that everything at the gym is going to get more amazing and starting next week there are 8:30am/7:30pm sessions.

We are excited to see everyone back who has been away for the summer, and are looking forward to continuing training with everyone who was with us this summer. It is going to be the best year at Queen Street ever! Get excited!!!!!!


Much Love!


Gym Updates - Summer 2016


Gym Updates - Summer 2016

3-Year Lease, Thank you, and Summer Updates

Since opening it has been our mission to continually try to improve every facet of the gym. We have been working hard over the last two years to improve our coaching, programs, facility, member experience, and more. Although we have been working to improve, there are still a ton of areas which we feel need refining.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have signed a 3-year agreement to lease on our current space at 221 Queen Street, and will be doing everything we can over the next 3-years to try and make the gym as amazing as possible.

When we first opened we had no idea that we would be able to continue running for this long and truly feel blessed to be able to continue doing what we love. This would not be possible without the support of all the amazing people who have helped us along the way and been a part of the community. Thank you for everything.

This summer we are working on implanting a number of changes with the hopes of making the gym better for everyone.

Schedule Updates

1. For the summer, we will be offering Open Gym from 10am-1pm every Sunday. This is not a coached session, but athletes are welcome to come and use the space. 

2. Starting on Monday, May 23rd we will be offering CrossFit Basics classes from 7:30-8:30pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (more information on this can be found below).

Program Updates

Basics Classes

The Basics classes focus on mastering the technique of a number of CrossFit skills. Each session will have a particular movement focus (e.g. squatting variations) as well as a small workout at the end. The movement skill portion will help improve athlete’s mechanics on the most common CrossFit exercises. The workout will condition new members for the type of training we do in the CrossFit classes. This program costs $29.99 for 6-classes.

These classes are for two categories of people:

1. New members who are looking to join CrossFit. Instead of taking the 1-On-1 On-Ramp athletes may take the Basics classes before joining the CrossFit group sessions. The athletes must learn the set list of movements within 6 sessions before they can join the CrossFit classes. It will be up to the coaches discretion if the athlete is prepared to graduate to the larger group classes by the end of these sessions.

2. Current members who wish to improve on specific movement skills.


One of the major improvements under way this summer is a number of renovations to the space. We are going to be adding change rooms/showers, upgrading the bathrooms, a front desk area, and recently tore down the stage area to make more training space.

We do not have confirmed deadlines on when the work will be done but are hoping that everything will be complete by the end of the summer. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone putting up with the inconvenience of the renovations and will keep you posted when we have a better idea of timelines.

On top of the above, we are working on a number of other improvements and will keep you all posted once they are ready to roll out.

Looking forward to an awesome summer of training!


Graduating Members - May 2016


Graduating Members - May 2016

With so many student training at the gym we have a high natural turnover of graduating members and would like to recognize them before they leave. We asked everyone to give us the program they are graduating from, their favorite memory of the gym, and what they are doing going forward. If we missed anyone, please feel free to message us with your answers to those questions and we will add you. 

Michael Holley
Graduating Program: Commerce 

Best Memory: Probably when Matt went for that huge deadlift attempt (3 plates I think), the whole gym stopped, got all pumped up and loud for him, and then he went for it and the bar didn't even budge. Although I'm sure it was embarrassing for Matt, it was HELL funny. 

Plans going forward: I'm moving to Toronto. I'll be building my Pro Works Painters business in Toronto for the next 3-5 years minimum with the goal of becoming financially independent. I'm going to kick up the intensity for CrossFit with the goal of going to regionals in 2 years. I've got a long way to go, but I really love CrossFit and competing, and I know I can do it if I'm committed enough. My long-term goal (mission/purpose, whatever you want to call it) is to change the education system, so I plan to get heavily involved with Khan Academy and Landmark Education and find a way to transform the entire educational system (K-12 + post secondary, and globally, not just Canada). 

Dani Girard
Graduating Program: I'm graduating with an honors degree in biology. 

My best memory is a tough one! I think what jumps to mind right away is the atmosphere during the Open, and more specifically during 16.3 when I was trying to get my first bar muscle up - I was surrounded by people cheering for me and supporting me and that was such a cool experience! I respect this gym and CrossFit in general so much for that - you are constantly surrounded by support no matter what you are trying to do or what level of athlete you are. 

Plans going forward are to take at least a year off from school to really focus on CrossFit (work a bit too) and then to hopefully head back to school to become a chiropractor. 

Ally Walke
Program: BAH Sociology,

Best Memory: Justin Bieber WOD!!!

Plans Going Forward: working and CrossFitting in Toronto






Daniela Deschamps
Program: Graduating from queens mechanical engineering undergrad.

Best memory of the gym... that's so tough! I'd say overall just getting to look forward to it every day when I'm in class or doing work. By mid afternoon I could hardly wait to drop whatever I was doing and head to the gym. Often it's my favorite part of the day!

Plans Going Forward: I'm heading to Stanford next year to do a master's in biomechanical engineering.





Tymek Kubicki
Graduating from: Mechanical Engineering.

Best Memory: Meeting my girlfriend. 

Plans going forward: 6 month motorcycle adventure from Alaska to Argentina!





Marlise O’Brien
Graduating from biology

Best Memory: probably finishing my first open (but there's a lot!)

Plans: no plans other than trying to not be as broke as I am now. going back to new brunswick and working for a while!





Caroline Weller
Program: Civil Engineering

Best memory of the gym: My best memory is meeting the great people at Queen Street, it wouldn't have been the same without everyone!

Plans going forward? Once i get the funds, I want to travel the world before I get sucked into the real world of jobs.





Olivia Young
Graduating with a bachelor of science
Best Memory: Favourite memory from the gym is playing the all the warmup games because they make you feel comfortable and let you get to know people and there's always laughing and smiles and people get really competitive! 
Plans: In the fall I will be attending the University of Waterloo Optometry and Vision Science program!





Program: Cognitive Science
Best Memory: I found 16.5 to be the most grueling wod but watching everybody cheer each other on was so inspiring and made me very proud of everyone smile emoticon
Plans: Save $ to travel.







Brittany Scott
Program: Law ... I'll be graduating my JD after 2,419 days of post secondary education. 
Best Memory: Comp program! I'd argue I spent more time in a gym this year than a library. Oops. More importantly, I've made amazing friends who always pushed me to do more, convinced me something is a good idea, and was always there to cheer me on when I need it. 
Plans: Articling at Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLP in Calgary, Alberta in corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions in oil and gas to be exact).





Laura Macdonald
Program: Master of Industrial Relations  

Best Memory: I've managed to narrow this done to two. First, whenever we play the "pizza game", and the partner version makes it an even better time. Second, Storm's motivational words during WODs e.g., "Getting fit when everyone else is sleeping", "It's beach season, time to get those abs chiseled".

Plans: Working as a Labor Relations Specialist for the Ontario Public Service.





Natasha Mrsades
Program: Graduating from teacher's college / concurrent education program for teaching intermediate and senior students in Biology and Mathematics

Best Memory: There are so many amazing memories I have with my CFQS family. The moments where I am lifting a heavy weight or finishing a WOD and everyone is cheering me on, BBQs at the pier during the summer, paint balling, rock climbing and bouldering, and getting to know everyone at the socials through hilarious activities. Also, The CFQS competitions and going out for a meal and laughs afterwards, and registering and finishing the open this year!

Plans: I am moving to Port Hope to work at Trinity College School and joining CrossFit Cobourg. I will definitely be back on some weekends to join CFQS and visit! I'm going to miss everyone so much. You guys are all my family.



Peter Ballyk

Program: Aging & Health (MSc)

Best Memory: After a whole year at CFQS I'm still introduced to new movements and exercise knowledge every day, and I'm always meeting new and interesting people. Major highlights this year were anticipating the CF Open with the CFQS community, completing my first ever Open workouts, and seeing others reach new heights in the sport!

Plans: Physiotherapy school & traveling

We would like to wish the best to everyone with their future endeavors. You are always welcome at Queen Street. 

Tada Gan Iarracht


2016 Open Recap and Programming


2016 Open Recap and Programming

Open Recap

We are just over 1 week from the conclusion of the 2016 CrossFit Open and would like to take a minute to reflect on all of the amazing things which have happened over the past month. This year was one of the most interesting, and challenging series of Open workouts to date. Each week presented a unique level of difficulty, and watching all of our athletes overcome this was inspiring.

The Open provides an important reminder that even though CrossFit is, by nature, a competitive program, at its core is community. We push ourselves in the presence of our friends, and without the support of each other would not be able to accomplish the amazing things which happen on a daily basis at Queen Street. 

Congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in the Open this year. It was amazing to see everyone push themselves to a level which they do not always find during normal training, and to witness our community come together in support of one another. Each one of you should be proud for taking on this challenge.


Going forward we could not be more excited to continue with training and helping all of your improve your fitness. We are excited to announce a number of gym updates and will be releasing them once we finalize the details.

In the meantime, the programming going forward will be very similar to what we have been doing with a few tweaks. 

1. Class Structure: we really like the general class structure which we were following throughout the Open and will be keeping this going forward. Each day there will be a specific focus or teaching progression, a chance to practice those movement skills, and a WOD. We could spend a while going into the details, but all you need to know is this will be very similar. “Constantly varied, functional movements, at a high intensity.”

2. Extra Work: this is where you will notice a large change. We are going to be playing with the details of the programming, however, each day you will notice significantly more extra work than there was before. The goal of this is to provide athletes with a number of training options to address their own areas of need. If you want to get better at gymnastics, follow the extra gymnastics work a few times a week. If you want to get better at weightlifting, follow that. Athletes may do as much or as little as they would like, however, taking the classes should always remian a priority. 

3. Individual Athlete Suggestions (what do I do?): given the information above, what does this mean for you as an athlete? Keep showing up, take the classes, train with intensity, and on days when you have the time throw in extra work. If you put the work in and trust the program the results will follow.

Looking forward to another great year of training!

Tada Gan Iarracht 


2016 CrossFit Open - Making Our Community Stronger


2016 CrossFit Open - Making Our Community Stronger

2016 CrossFit Open

Every Thursday night during the Open season, the gym will be open after 7:30pm to watch the CrossFit Open workout be released live during the update show. Callum, and whoever that would like to, will be performing the workout once the show is done.  We will have a TV set up to watch the update show, so everyone is more than welcome to join us! 

Workout Details:

Once the Open starts, we will be running the weekly workout every Friday between 4-7pm where everyone will have a chance to compete together. The gym will be open at 3pm for athletes to warm up for the Open workout. The first round of heats start at 4pm and will be going until 7pm, so be ready! 

If you are unable to participate on Fridays, there will be an optional make-up workout taking place on Saturdays between 11am-12pm. If none of these options work for you, then private message us on Facebook or email to set-up a separate time. After the Open is over we will be hosting a major gym social to celebrate.

Optional Registration: 

If you would like to compare your results to everyone in your region and in the world - or want a baseline measure of your fitness that you can compare to next years open - register by visiting the links below.  Registration costs $20 and once you sign-up you can select CrossFit Queen Street as your affiliate. Link to Register: http://games.crossfit.com/
*Select register in the top right.
Link to Affiliate: http://games.crossfit.com/affiliate/7028


2016 Gym Updates


2016 Gym Updates

The following post contains important information. We have been incredibly happy with how everything has been running since the New Year but, as always, feel that there are many things to continue improving. 

1. Programming

As you have likely noticed, we now only offer a CrossFit WOD and extra work each day. The extra work is there for athletes who are already competent with the movements and would like to get in more training in other areas. Anyone is welcome to do the extra work, and we encourage athletes looking to improve at an accelerated rate to take advantage of this. That does not mean that you have to do all of the extra work each day but even adding in a few pieces 3-4x/week will go a long way. 

2. Classes and Open Gym

This is one of the big changes going forward. Our new policy for classes is that when a session is scheduled in a room (e.g. CrossFit class in the main room), that room is booked off for that session. Previously we would allow for extra work to be done and try to accommodate everyone but to make sure that the classes receive priority we are no longer allowing athletes to be training in the class space when the class is going on. If there is a day where room is less busy you may ASK THE COACH leading the session if it is okay to do specific pieces of extra work, however, this work may not in any way interfere with the class (such as dropping weights or using the clock). 

In addition, all athletes taking the classes must take the session start to finish and will not be allowed to hop in for the WOD last minute. If you are doing the class, you must be a part of the class. 

3. New Athlete On-Ramp Process

To make sure that the quality of sessions is prioritized AND new athletes have the best introduction possible to the program we have recently revised our process of bringing new members on.

Instead of allowing anyone to come out for a class anytime, we are now requiring that all new athletes take a trial class (at one of our scheduled times), then go through an introductory process. This will ensure that all new athletes have movement competency before joining the classes. One of the days we allow for this is Thursday. Every Thursday is a Free Trial/Bring a Friend Day. We will be running classes as normal, however, new members will be able to come out for a trial class on Thursday’s. 

 If you would like to find out more, check out the new getting started page here - http://www.crossfitqueenstreet.com/getting-started/. 

4. Tuesday/Friday night sesions/schedule updates

We are now offering  6:30pm sessions on Tuesday and Friday. In addition to this we now have a 9am Saturday class (as well as the 10am) and a 11am Free Trial. 

Check it all out on the schedule here - http://www.crossfitqueenstreet.com/schedule-1/