Major Update Post - September 2015 Onwards

We are incredibly excited to make a number of announcements regarding CrossFit Queen Street’s operations for the 2015-2016 school year. Before doing so we would like to thank everyone who joined us for the summer! We were blown away by how busy the gym was this summer and are incredibly proud of how much improvement everyone made. To all of the members who are back home or at school now, we hope it’s a fantastic year. To everyone who is back in Kingston and will be once again be joining us, we cannot wait to get caught up and start training hard again.

The following post contains all of the major updates you need to be aware of for the start of September. If we miss anything we will be sure to post again with revisions:


1. SCHEDULING AND MEMBERSHIPS: Scheduling, Sign-Ins, and 4/8 month Member Discounts

We are in the process of finalizing session schedules and in order to do so would really appreciate getting your feedback here –

Presently, our plan is to keep the same session schedule that we have with a few modifications. These modifications are as follows:

-Thursday will now have a 6:30am and 7:30am session in the morning.

-Saturday: we will be offering a 1x/week crash course CrossFit Introduction on Saturday (time to be determined)

-Sunday the gym will now be closed (no open gym from 2-3pm)

*VERY IMPORTANT: starting on next Monday, September 7th we will be requiring all athletes to sign up for classes ahead of time and sign-in once you arrive at the gym. We will have an IPad set-up to do so. Sign-ups can be done on our Zen Planner portal schedule here - – simply click on the session you would like to attend and follow the steps.

Memberships and Discounts

We will be offering both membership discounts to individuals who sign up for either a 4 or 8 month membership with us. The 4 month membership will be 10% for all memberships, and the 8 month membership will be 15% off, sign-up can be done on our website here - (scroll down to find membership options).

*Please note that going forward we will require a credit card down on the member site for registration. If you do not have a credit card, please contact us individually.


2. TRAINING PROGRAMS (CrossFit, Barbell, Open Gym, Introduction, and Gymnastics)

If you are interested in the programs we will be offering, here is a brief overview of each one.

-CrossFit (Fitness and Competition): this is our main program offered at the gym. The CrossFit classes are coached training times with a new workout each day with the goal of improving your fitness. For the competition program, please note it is by invite only. If you think you are eligible please shoot us a message.

-Barbell WOD (NEW): this program is the evolution of last year’s weightlifting gym time. These are also instructor led sessions, 3x/week of Olympic Lifting and Barbell specific training time. This program will only be taking a limited number of dedicated athletes and is not open to drop-ins.

-Crash Course Introductory Program (NEW): this is the evolution of the introductory program we will be offering this summer. It will function as a 2-hour, everything you need to get going in CrossFit. We do not require this program for new athletes, however, it is recommended if you are looking to gain comfort with the CrossFit basics before jumping into the group classes. The alternative entry method for new athletes is to start off in the group classes (where we will have two coaches/session) and one coach will work with you to ensure you scale the workouts appropriately.

-Gymnastics (NEW): this program is in the works. More details will follow, but as of now it is looking like a dedicated training time 1x/week for individuals looking to improve their CrossFit gymnastics skills.  

-Open Gym: we will still be offering open gym for athletes interested in doing their own thing or working on skills outside the class time. As always, anytime the gym is open is considered open gym, but the sessions always take priority.



This is one of our most exciting announcements in this post. We have been test piloting our nutrition program for members over the last month of summer and are very close to having it ready for release. It cannot be understated how much value this program will bring to your training. Training hard without proper nutrition is ineffective and frustrating. Training hard with proper nutrition is the key to success regardless of what you goal is – performance, body composition, or general health and well-being.

The issue that we find is simply telling people to eat clean is inadequate. Everyone’s perception of clean eating is different, and without a system of checks and balances/accountability it is difficult to maintain the necessary motivation to stick with eating well (especially when life gets busy).

It is our goal with the Queen Street Nutrition program to provide a system which is simple (easy to follow), effective (gets you the results you want), AND flexible (so that it can be accommodated to your lifestyle). Eating well does not have to be a chore, it simply requires a bit of awareness, preparation, and education. The only way we feel we can do those things properly is through this system, however, because we will be working closely with athletes on the program we are only taking 9 athletes to begin. If you are interested send us an email here -



On September 18th (Friday night) we will be hosting a Queen Street welcome back BBQ for anyone and everyone. It will begin at 6:30pm and is BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. Please feel free to bring friends, spouses, house mates, and anyone else who may be interested in a good time socializing.

We will post with reminders closer to the date!


Much Love,

CrossFit Queen Street