The following post contains important information. We have been incredibly happy with how everything has been running since the New Year but, as always, feel that there are many things to continue improving. 

1. Programming

As you have likely noticed, we now only offer a CrossFit WOD and extra work each day. The extra work is there for athletes who are already competent with the movements and would like to get in more training in other areas. Anyone is welcome to do the extra work, and we encourage athletes looking to improve at an accelerated rate to take advantage of this. That does not mean that you have to do all of the extra work each day but even adding in a few pieces 3-4x/week will go a long way. 

2. Classes and Open Gym

This is one of the big changes going forward. Our new policy for classes is that when a session is scheduled in a room (e.g. CrossFit class in the main room), that room is booked off for that session. Previously we would allow for extra work to be done and try to accommodate everyone but to make sure that the classes receive priority we are no longer allowing athletes to be training in the class space when the class is going on. If there is a day where room is less busy you may ASK THE COACH leading the session if it is okay to do specific pieces of extra work, however, this work may not in any way interfere with the class (such as dropping weights or using the clock). 

In addition, all athletes taking the classes must take the session start to finish and will not be allowed to hop in for the WOD last minute. If you are doing the class, you must be a part of the class. 

3. New Athlete On-Ramp Process

To make sure that the quality of sessions is prioritized AND new athletes have the best introduction possible to the program we have recently revised our process of bringing new members on.

Instead of allowing anyone to come out for a class anytime, we are now requiring that all new athletes take a trial class (at one of our scheduled times), then go through an introductory process. This will ensure that all new athletes have movement competency before joining the classes. One of the days we allow for this is Thursday. Every Thursday is a Free Trial/Bring a Friend Day. We will be running classes as normal, however, new members will be able to come out for a trial class on Thursday’s. 

 If you would like to find out more, check out the new getting started page here - 

4. Tuesday/Friday night sesions/schedule updates

We are now offering  6:30pm sessions on Tuesday and Friday. In addition to this we now have a 9am Saturday class (as well as the 10am) and a 11am Free Trial. 

Check it all out on the schedule here -