With so many student training at the gym we have a high natural turnover of graduating members and would like to recognize them before they leave. We asked everyone to give us the program they are graduating from, their favorite memory of the gym, and what they are doing going forward. If we missed anyone, please feel free to message us with your answers to those questions and we will add you. 

Michael Holley
Graduating Program: Commerce 

Best Memory: Probably when Matt went for that huge deadlift attempt (3 plates I think), the whole gym stopped, got all pumped up and loud for him, and then he went for it and the bar didn't even budge. Although I'm sure it was embarrassing for Matt, it was HELL funny. 

Plans going forward: I'm moving to Toronto. I'll be building my Pro Works Painters business in Toronto for the next 3-5 years minimum with the goal of becoming financially independent. I'm going to kick up the intensity for CrossFit with the goal of going to regionals in 2 years. I've got a long way to go, but I really love CrossFit and competing, and I know I can do it if I'm committed enough. My long-term goal (mission/purpose, whatever you want to call it) is to change the education system, so I plan to get heavily involved with Khan Academy and Landmark Education and find a way to transform the entire educational system (K-12 + post secondary, and globally, not just Canada). 

Dani Girard
Graduating Program: I'm graduating with an honors degree in biology. 

My best memory is a tough one! I think what jumps to mind right away is the atmosphere during the Open, and more specifically during 16.3 when I was trying to get my first bar muscle up - I was surrounded by people cheering for me and supporting me and that was such a cool experience! I respect this gym and CrossFit in general so much for that - you are constantly surrounded by support no matter what you are trying to do or what level of athlete you are. 

Plans going forward are to take at least a year off from school to really focus on CrossFit (work a bit too) and then to hopefully head back to school to become a chiropractor. 

Ally Walke
Program: BAH Sociology,

Best Memory: Justin Bieber WOD!!!

Plans Going Forward: working and CrossFitting in Toronto






Daniela Deschamps
Program: Graduating from queens mechanical engineering undergrad.

Best memory of the gym... that's so tough! I'd say overall just getting to look forward to it every day when I'm in class or doing work. By mid afternoon I could hardly wait to drop whatever I was doing and head to the gym. Often it's my favorite part of the day!

Plans Going Forward: I'm heading to Stanford next year to do a master's in biomechanical engineering.





Tymek Kubicki
Graduating from: Mechanical Engineering.

Best Memory: Meeting my girlfriend. 

Plans going forward: 6 month motorcycle adventure from Alaska to Argentina!





Marlise O’Brien
Graduating from biology

Best Memory: probably finishing my first open (but there's a lot!)

Plans: no plans other than trying to not be as broke as I am now. going back to new brunswick and working for a while!





Caroline Weller
Program: Civil Engineering

Best memory of the gym: My best memory is meeting the great people at Queen Street, it wouldn't have been the same without everyone!

Plans going forward? Once i get the funds, I want to travel the world before I get sucked into the real world of jobs.





Olivia Young
Graduating with a bachelor of science
Best Memory: Favourite memory from the gym is playing the all the warmup games because they make you feel comfortable and let you get to know people and there's always laughing and smiles and people get really competitive! 
Plans: In the fall I will be attending the University of Waterloo Optometry and Vision Science program!





Program: Cognitive Science
Best Memory: I found 16.5 to be the most grueling wod but watching everybody cheer each other on was so inspiring and made me very proud of everyone smile emoticon
Plans: Save $ to travel.







Brittany Scott
Program: Law ... I'll be graduating my JD after 2,419 days of post secondary education. 
Best Memory: Comp program! I'd argue I spent more time in a gym this year than a library. Oops. More importantly, I've made amazing friends who always pushed me to do more, convinced me something is a good idea, and was always there to cheer me on when I need it. 
Plans: Articling at Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLP in Calgary, Alberta in corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions in oil and gas to be exact).





Laura Macdonald
Program: Master of Industrial Relations  

Best Memory: I've managed to narrow this done to two. First, whenever we play the "pizza game", and the partner version makes it an even better time. Second, Storm's motivational words during WODs e.g., "Getting fit when everyone else is sleeping", "It's beach season, time to get those abs chiseled".

Plans: Working as a Labor Relations Specialist for the Ontario Public Service.





Natasha Mrsades
Program: Graduating from teacher's college / concurrent education program for teaching intermediate and senior students in Biology and Mathematics

Best Memory: There are so many amazing memories I have with my CFQS family. The moments where I am lifting a heavy weight or finishing a WOD and everyone is cheering me on, BBQs at the pier during the summer, paint balling, rock climbing and bouldering, and getting to know everyone at the socials through hilarious activities. Also, The CFQS competitions and going out for a meal and laughs afterwards, and registering and finishing the open this year!

Plans: I am moving to Port Hope to work at Trinity College School and joining CrossFit Cobourg. I will definitely be back on some weekends to join CFQS and visit! I'm going to miss everyone so much. You guys are all my family.



Peter Ballyk

Program: Aging & Health (MSc)

Best Memory: After a whole year at CFQS I'm still introduced to new movements and exercise knowledge every day, and I'm always meeting new and interesting people. Major highlights this year were anticipating the CF Open with the CFQS community, completing my first ever Open workouts, and seeing others reach new heights in the sport!

Plans: Physiotherapy school & traveling

We would like to wish the best to everyone with their future endeavors. You are always welcome at Queen Street. 

Tada Gan Iarracht