3-Year Lease, Thank you, and Summer Updates

Since opening it has been our mission to continually try to improve every facet of the gym. We have been working hard over the last two years to improve our coaching, programs, facility, member experience, and more. Although we have been working to improve, there are still a ton of areas which we feel need refining.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have signed a 3-year agreement to lease on our current space at 221 Queen Street, and will be doing everything we can over the next 3-years to try and make the gym as amazing as possible.

When we first opened we had no idea that we would be able to continue running for this long and truly feel blessed to be able to continue doing what we love. This would not be possible without the support of all the amazing people who have helped us along the way and been a part of the community. Thank you for everything.

This summer we are working on implanting a number of changes with the hopes of making the gym better for everyone.

Schedule Updates

1. For the summer, we will be offering Open Gym from 10am-1pm every Sunday. This is not a coached session, but athletes are welcome to come and use the space. 

2. Starting on Monday, May 23rd we will be offering CrossFit Basics classes from 7:30-8:30pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (more information on this can be found below).

Program Updates

Basics Classes

The Basics classes focus on mastering the technique of a number of CrossFit skills. Each session will have a particular movement focus (e.g. squatting variations) as well as a small workout at the end. The movement skill portion will help improve athlete’s mechanics on the most common CrossFit exercises. The workout will condition new members for the type of training we do in the CrossFit classes. This program costs $29.99 for 6-classes.

These classes are for two categories of people:

1. New members who are looking to join CrossFit. Instead of taking the 1-On-1 On-Ramp athletes may take the Basics classes before joining the CrossFit group sessions. The athletes must learn the set list of movements within 6 sessions before they can join the CrossFit classes. It will be up to the coaches discretion if the athlete is prepared to graduate to the larger group classes by the end of these sessions.

2. Current members who wish to improve on specific movement skills.


One of the major improvements under way this summer is a number of renovations to the space. We are going to be adding change rooms/showers, upgrading the bathrooms, a front desk area, and recently tore down the stage area to make more training space.

We do not have confirmed deadlines on when the work will be done but are hoping that everything will be complete by the end of the summer. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone putting up with the inconvenience of the renovations and will keep you posted when we have a better idea of timelines.

On top of the above, we are working on a number of other improvements and will keep you all posted once they are ready to roll out.

Looking forward to an awesome summer of training!