Since opening, we set the goal of trying to continuously improve every area of the gym. Over the past year we have taken a number of steps towards our commitment to make the gym better. This includes modifying the programming, investing in our coaching staff, investing in equipment, and renovating the space.

We are so lucky to have so many amazing people who have been a part of our community. Whether currently or past, everyone has contributed to the growth of Queen Street in one way or another (whether you realize it or not), and we are so thankful for that. The gym would not be possible without all of the amazing people who have contributed along the way and there is no proper way to thank everyone. We feel blessed to have so many amazing people in our community.

We are putting this post out as a commitment to you, every member of our community, as we want to do everything we can to make Queen Street as great as possible. This post will cover all of the areas we are currently working on to make the gym even better, and what you can expect coming up.


Renovations and Equipment

Training Spaces

If you have been away over the summer, the gym is going to look a bit different once you come back. We have opened up another thousand square feet of training space in the main area, and will be continuing to build that out over the next month. This will mean more space for classes, more space for extra work, and more space for awesome equipment.

At the moment, the main room is still under construction but we promise that once it is finished it is going to be more amazing than ever.


One of the major pieces we identified as missing from our gym is showers. We are pleased to say that showers are on the way (hopefully ready in the next few months) which will make the gym much more accessible for athletes who have commitments immediately after training (work, school, events, etc…). We realize that it can be difficult (or in some cases impossible) to train if you have to go to the gym, back home, and then to work/school. Once the showers are in, this will be solved.

Back Rooms and Extra Work

We want athletes to spend as much time at the gym as possible and have our two back rooms available for training in whenever the gym is open.

The back two rooms are currently being renovated (columns are being installed for the office space being built upstairs), and should be available for use again in the next week or two. Once the renovations are finished there will be more versatility to the rooms than ever before. The weightlifting room will have pull-up bars, rings, and potentially ropes for climbing.

This means that it will be even easier to get extra work in and busy sessions will not affect athletes training.

New Equipment

We have been lucky enough to make significant upgrades to all of the gym equipment over the past year. This includes, but is not limited to, more rowing machines, barbells, medicine balls, sandbags, full sets of dumbbells, plates, boxes, and much more.

Going forward we are planning to continue to expand on our equipment inventories in order to provide the best tools for athletes to develop their fitness. We are going to keep those plans under wraps. All you need to know is that it is going to be sweet!



This summer we organized more events than we have ever done, and all of them were a ton of fun. We will be releasing a separate post with specific dates for all of the upcoming events but if you are going to be around this year get excited as they are going to be a blast (if you are not around you should probably make the trip to Kingston just for the events).

All of our socials are going to be planned out ahead of time to ensure they can be planned them into your schedule.


Programming and Session Times

CrossFit WODs: Over the past year our programming we have made a number of changes to the programming. We no longer offer a specific competitive program, or multiple levels of programming. Instead we program one CrossFit workout each day which will challenge our best athletes and then scale back/modify for anyone who needs to. It is worth mentioning that the majority of athletes modify the workout in one way or another, and that is completely okay. We have found this model of programming to be the most successful for EVERYONE because it allows our community to train together, regardless of fitness level.

Warm-Ups: On top of the change to the WOD structure, we have been playing with more effective and fun warm-ups over the past few months in order to give our athletes the most out of their time at the gym. We are very excited to continue to develop this and feel that the warm-ups are the best they have ever been.

Extra Work: as a supplement to the CrossFit classes we offer extra work for athletes looking to do more outside of the classes. This has been a very positive addition as it provides structure to athlete’s additional training outside the classes and ensures that all of the pieces fit together on a weekly basis.

Barbell WOD: In addition to the CrossFit classes we are still offering Barbell WOD, our 3x/week weightlifting/strength program for athletes looking to get stronger and improve their technique. This program has been a huge success and will continue being offered throughout the school year.

New Class Times: we are very excited to announce that beginning on Tuesday September 6th (next week) we will be adding both an 8:30am and 7:30pm CrossFit class. This is due to popular demand for both of these times and will hopefully make the gym even more accessible, as well as ensure that no individual sessions are too busy. 

Seminar Classes: going forward we will be offering regular seminar classes focused on developing movements or educating athletes on fitness related topics. The exact structure has yet to be finalized but this is going to be an awesome way to develop skills outside of the regular classes.



There are so many more things we are planning on doing but in order to keep this post a reasonable length we will bring those up later.

If you skipped through everything up until this point, all you need to know is that everything at the gym is going to get more amazing and starting next week there are 8:30am/7:30pm sessions.

We are excited to see everyone back who has been away for the summer, and are looking forward to continuing training with everyone who was with us this summer. It is going to be the best year at Queen Street ever! Get excited!!!!!!


Much Love!