Last month was Handstands, 15 minutes/week for the month of December. This was a great chance to focus on mechanics, spend more time upside down, and was hopefully easy to follow regardless of where you were (back home or away on vacation).

This month we are doing the Hanging Challenge. Same as the Squat Challenge, all of the credit goes to Ido Portal and his blog post here -

The Challenge – Spend 7 minutes Hanging, every day, for the month of January.

Hanging is a gateway to upper body pulling movements such as Pull-Ups, Rope Climbs, and eventually more advanced variations. Spending more time hanging will develop grip strength, shoulder strength, shoulder mobility, and decompress the spine. We already do hanging during our warm-ups, but you will need to do more on your own if you want to meet the 7 minutes.

Important Notes
•    Read the Blog Post: there is a ton of great info in the original blog (linked above).
•    All hanging should be done with straight arms. You are welcome to incorporate different types of hanging depending on your goals (for ideas, see the blog post linked above).
•    Ideally, the hanging should be spread out throughout the day (same as the Squat challenge). In order to do this you may need to look for alternative anchor points (things to hang off of) when you are not at the gym. You may need to be creative.
•    Listen to your body, it should not be painful to hang. Your hands may be sore, but otherwise listen to your body. If you are experiencing pain from hanging, talk to a coach.
•    If you get wrist pain hanging off a pull-up bar, try hanging from rings instead.