This stream is for anyone with the goal of competing in the sport of CrossFit. Regardless of your current ability level, if you are motivated by competing in the CrossFit, you are a competitor. Being able to do workouts as “Rx”, perform all of the movements (muscle-ups, handstand pushups, double unders, etc.), or lift a certain amount of weight is not a prerequisite for being in the Competition stream. Being a competitor is not about your fitness level, it is a mindset you take to training.

Competing in CrossFit has specific demands which may fall outside what we do for general fitness training. Movements such as butterfly pull-ups, rebounding box jumps, and kipping handstand pushups are competitive advantages in the sport, but do not necessarily provide additional benefit to fitness development.


The goal of competitors training is to develop the Strength, Skills, and Conditioning needed to compete in the sport of CrossFit. The gym programming is geared towards competitors. Each day there is a class workout which focuses on one element of the competitors programming, and extra work for other areas. If you are training to compete, we recommend taking class Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat and performing the extra work on those days as well. If you are new to training, starting off performing all of the extra work will likely be too much. In this case, we recommend starting with class, and adding one piece of extra work daily. If you are recovering from the training, gradually add more extra work.

On top of the gym programming competitors training should include additional weakness work. Every athlete has an area of their fitness which lags behind the rest, this area will be what primarily limits you in competition. If you are trying to excel, focusing on your weaknesses will provide a disproportionate return on investment (as long as you do not sacrifice other areas for solely weakness training). Weakness training could include focus work, or other programming.

Nutrition and Recovery

Taking a thoughtful approach to nutrition and recovery is an essential element of competing. Nutrition and recovery will allow you to perform better during training sessions, handle more volume, and ultimately progress faster. We do not have a blanket prescription for competitors. To start, we recommend going through the content in our Articles page.