We are proud to offer the best equipped CrossFit training center in Kingston. Our space is broken up into two parts - a front and back area. 

The front room is used for classes and contains everything you need. This includes - barbells, plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, bikes, rowers, medicine balls, bands, racks, plyo boxes, jump ropes, gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, and much more.

The back two rooms are used for specialty training and extra work. They contain the same equipment as the main room and more. This includes - ski ergs, air runners, peg boards, GHDs, a reverse hyper, stall bars, a 45 deg back extension, pulling blocks, and competition weightlifting bars/plates.

In addition to the training spaces we have a lounge for before and after training.

If you are interested in checking out even more, click here for our weekly albums - https://www.facebook.com/pg/cfqueenstreet/photos/?ref=page_internal