Fitter for life. The goal of this stream is general fitness. Although we train for fitness inside the gym, we use our fitness outside the gym. The intention for athletes in this stream is not to maximize numbers inside the gym, but to use training as a tool to help you better enjoy what you do outside the gym. If your primary goal is to use training to improve your life outside the gym (do more with your body, feel better, or live longer with more functionality), then you fall under this stream. Fitness should be viewed as a lifelong journey of which training is one component. We believe that developing fitness happens, in part, through training but equally as important through your nutrition, sleep, and mindset.


In this stream your training results inside the gym should not be your primary focus. Training is a tool to improve your life outside the gym. Slow progress, or, what may at sometimes seems like no progress at all is ok.

For Fitness athletes, your first focus in the gym should be consistently attending class (3-5x/week). Class workouts are designed to gradually develop general fitness (strength, mobility, conditioning, skills) through small daily doses of each. Each class should be viewed as a growth opportunity to set your future self up for success. This commitment to growth includes a deliberate approach to class workouts, a conscious effort to move well, look for and apply feedback, and understanding the appropriate times to push.

Nutrition and Recovery

Along with training, being an athlete in the Fitness stream means taking a thoughtful and intentional approach to your nutrition and recovery. The goal here is to develop habits, strategies, and protocols which you can use to promote health, energy, and longevity. Without proper nutrition and sleep training may be doing more harm than good.