This stream is for anyone who is looking for general fitness, but would also like to see quicker improvements in specific movements or areas (such as strength, skills, or conditioning). As soon as you decide you would like to master the double-under for its own sake, you are now a focus athlete. Focus stream athletes should do class programming, and may also do extra work based on their goals.

We recommend using the following process for organizing your focuses:

  1. Identify your purpose. How does focus work fit in with your bigger goals? Are you interested in developing specific skills for their own sake, do you have a sport outside the gym, or is CrossFit your sport?

  2. Identify your specific goals. “Begin with the end in mind”. What movements, skills, or areas do you want to develop? Be as specific as possible (e.g. 50ft Handstand Walk, 5 Strict Pull-ups). We recommend between 1 and 3 specific goals at a time.

  3. Do baseline testing. For the areas you are looking to focus on, do you know your current ability? If no, do benchmark testing to set a baseline.

  4. Create a plan. How much time do you have available? What is your current progression or ability level? Based on this, write a plan.

Common areas which athletes may want to focus on are Mobility, Conditioning, Strength, and Skills. If you are unsure of how to approach Focus work, we recommend consulting with a coach.