New to Crossfit

We consider athletes with less than 3 months of experience at a CrossFit affiliate new to CrossFit. We love having CrossFit newbies out to experience our community. If you are interested in training at CrossFit Queen Street, we have two ways to get started. (1) You can participate in a Thursday Free Trial Class and then move on to our On-Ramp program, or (2) you can start directly with the On-Ramp Program. Register for a Thursday class by clicking the link below and selecting the class time on our schedule.

On-Ramp: The On-Ramp consists of four 1-on-1 sessions each 1 hour in length.  All new athletes are required to complete the On-Ramp before joining the group classes. The On-Ramp program covers the basics of CrossFit and prepares athletes to thrive in the group classes. It is $175 + tax and includes a month unlimited membership to the gym. With a coach, you will cover the basics of movement, nutrition, and mindset. If you wish to skip a free trial class and begin the On-Ramp immediately, click the link below.

Experienced CrossFitter

If you have done CrossFit for 3+ months at an Affiliate you may be eligible to skip the On-Ramp and enter directly into classes. We have two options for getting started at Queen Street - a trial class or consultation.

returning athletes

It is important for us to meet with all athletes who have trained at Queen Street before and are returning after an extended period away. During the meeting we will have a chance to discuss your current training level, goals, and more. If you are returning to the gym after 3+ months, we require you to complete our returning athlete intake questionnaire.