What is it?

In the summer, CFQS holds an annual Performance Nutrition challenge for those members looking to optimize their nutrition to improve their training results. The challenge is 6 weeks in duration, and is primarily comprised of participants meeting specific macronutrient targets. Participants receive points for reaching (within 5g of) their numbers. There will be a $40 fee for participation in the challenge, and cash prizes for the top 3 points-earners.

Who is it for?

This challenge is intended for athletes who already demonstrate consistency in their nutrition and training habits. This challenge may be good for you if:

  • you have specific goals related to changing your body composition (eg. fat loss, mass gain) either for aesthetics or performance.

  • you are a focus or competitive stream athlete.

  • you do not have specific goals related to your nutrition, but are eager to experiment and learn about what it may look like to eat like an athlete.

Anything else I should know?

Since we share supporting content and submit points over a Facebook group, you need to have Facebook to participate in this challenge.

Because macro-counting is a relatively advanced skill that is not necessarily for everyone, we will be approving participants based on whether or not it seems like it would be a good fit for your current lifestyle and goals.