crossfit classes

CrossFit is a training mindset that focuses on constantly varied movements at a high intensity. Each day we provide a new workout in our 1 hour CrossFit classes that utilize gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, running and other functional movements. Every class is led by one of our Certified coaches, who are there to help guide you through the workout. It is a group setting, so you will never be alone!

extra work

Extra Work is for those athletes that regularly participate in the CrossFit classes, but wish to do more. This programming allows you to add on other workouts that help better specific skills (i.e gymnastics, weightlifting, midline, odd object conditioning, and conditioning).

barbell wod

Barbell WOD is a weightlifting program that highlights, Olympic Lifting. If bettering your technique and gaining strength is your goal, this is the program for you!

summer run club

Here at Crossfit Queen Street we like to take advantage of the great summer weather! When it gets warm enough, CFQS offers this program in order to get members outside and to build aerobic capacity.