Rachael moved to Kingston at the end of August 2017. She started her Crossfit journey in April 2015 and has never looked back! She fell in love with the community, the WODs, the supportive coaching, and the 'wallballer's high' (similar to a runners high). At a young age she was diagnosed with a type of scoliosis requiring 3 back surgeries and fashioning a very cool back brace; this may have slowed her athletic pursuits, but once she was given the okay she would jump on any opportunity to be active! If Rach isn't at the box she is likely cooking up a storm, as that is her second favourite thing to be doing. After traveling Southeast Asia (summer 2017) and checking out some of the international boxes, she is excited and very happy to call Crossfit Queen Street her home!

- Bachelor of Commerce, Specialization in Service Management

- CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1 Trainer)