Since a young age, Storm has been passionate about fitness and considers it a huge aspect of his life. In high school, he competed in every sport imaginable, but mostly focused on track and field. After joining the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club in 2007, he became a national level sprinter by 2008 in the 400 meter. Upon entering University with a track scholarship, Storm quickly decided that Queen’s Track and Field was not suited for him and joined the Queen’s Rowing team. After competing with the Rowing team for two years, Storm was introduced to CrossFit by his best friend and fellow CrossFit Queen Street coach, Callum Owen. Since then, Storm considers CrossFit the best means of improving one’s quality of life and truly believes that everyone should experience what CrossFit has to offer. 

- Bachelor of Science (Honours) Specialization in Kinesiology

- Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)
- CrossFit Weightlifting