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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a coach led group training program that incorporates a variety of different movements and exercises into a fun and engaging workout. The goal of the CrossFit program is to develop well-rounded athletes.

What is a Class Like?

Each class is scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes, coach led from start to finish. Classes will consist of a warm-up, teaching sections, and a workout. There will also be days where we address values and principles that we look for our athletes to develop.

Is CrossFit Safe for teens?

While every fitness activity presents some level of risk, as trainers and coaches, we work to teach our athletes how to move safely and effectively. This applies to teens as well as adults. Our progression for teaching movements is Mechanics > Consistency > Intensity.

Is anything needed to participate?

All that is needed are shoes and athletic clothing to train in, as well as a waiver signed by a legal guardian. We recommend bring a water bottle, however there is a water fountain on site.

Will athletes participating in the Teens program be able to also participate in other crossfit classes?

When approved by a coach, yes. However at that point the athlete would also require the student CrossFit membership.

Will the workouts be tailored to A sport I play?

Everyday will have a workout or movements for everyone in the session to participate in. Workouts will not be tailored to a specific sport, however workouts will be adjusted and modified when necessary based on the needs of the athlete.

I have Never played a sport or exercised before, Can I participate?

Absolutely! If this is something you are interested in, and you can commit to the program, this could be a great opportunity. At CrossFit Queen Street we work to create a supportive environment for all fitness levels.

Credit to CompTrain for the video.

Credit to CompTrain for the video.