Heather Morris

"CrossFit? What’s that?
8 months ago, I was introduced to CrossFit Queen Street. Admittedly, I was nervous at first as it appeared that a 52-year-old woman may not fit in.
My reason for “testing the waters” was to lose some inches around my mid-section and hence, feel better about myself! 

Here are the benefits of CrossFit that I have experienced so far - the classes are hard but really fun, the coaches are fantastic, my fellow classmates are unbelievably nice and supportive, I have new friends and I look forward to going to work out and feel bad when I can’t make a class. My outlook is much more positive!

Even though I have had all these great things happening in my life, the weight was not coming off as I thought it would or should… so I really started focussing on my diet after attending the nutrition seminar at Queen Street (thanks guys) and started to adjust my eating further.  I have always thought of myself as a good eater – but realized I could be trying harder and be more aware of the ingredients listed in food.  I have removed SUGAR and in just a short while I can see the balance between exercise and diet when I look in the mirror. I like me again.

I think fitness goals are truly an individual thing - I am achieving mine!

A huge thank you to everyone at Queen Street! It does appear that a 52-year-old woman can fit in!"        

Bria-Lynn Willard

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"I joined CrossFit Queen Street in July and it was the best decision I've ever made. Storm, Callum, Sean and Matt are all fantastic coaches! They are very motivating, supportive and they make the CrossFit experience really fun and challenging! I have never been very athletic but CrossFit Queen Street has made this type of fitness accessible for all fitness levels, whether you can lift 5lbs or 200lbs there is a place for you here. They take the time to explain the movements and discuss scaling on an individual basis prior to beginning the workouts. I am a much more confident and motivated person and I've only been going for two months. I can't wait to see where I am in a year! Thanks for everything you do guys!"

Adam Rupnik

"I first discovered this gym while walking by and decided to stop in and see what it was all about. Right away I was impressed with the co-owners professionalism and emphasis on safety. This was especially important to me as I was very new to this type of training.

The gym atmosphere is probably my favourite thing about this establishment. Everyone takes their training seriously, but they are very open, supportive and welcoming. I found that it was about building community, enjoying your training, and doing your best. They are always willing to help you understand a movement or answer any questions you may have. I have never once felt unwelcome or out of place when I have showed up to train.

All in all this gym has great coaches, great people and a great atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape and make some friends in the process"

George Bevan

"I'd would like to thank CrossFit Queen Street for an amazing four months. I can't believe how much I've improved with your coaching. As a professional educator I can really say that Callum and Storm are extraordinarily gifted teachers! The facility is really the best I've every trained in and the people are so unbelievably supportive. It was a transformational experience for me" 

Sam Walsh 

"As a resident I have very little time to take care of my own health. The coaching and motivation I have received at Crossfit Queen Street has been a tremendous help. Storm, Callum and their coaching staff definitely understand the idea of the right training prescription for the right member. They all do an amazing job of motivating you to push your limits while still moving safely and efficiently. Their keen eye and experience have greatly improved several of my movements and I quickly became the strongest and fittest that I have been since starting residency.

After I had to undergo knee surgery to repair an old sports injury the coaches and community helped me stay motivated while I was unable to walk on my right leg for 8 weeks. Storm and Callum did a great job of helping me keep a positive attitude and focusing on what I could do instead of what I couldn’t. They worked hard to modify class workouts to keep me involved and thanks to them not only did I surpassed my goal of losing 20 lbs to help the long term health of my knee, my gymnastics movements and upper body strength are better than they were before the surgery"

Tharsi Sundaralingam 

"I’m stronger and more confident than ever thanks to CrossFit. I started CrossFitting in the summer of 2013. Eating healthy and CrossFitting 5 days a week has made me looking and feeling great. At first I was hesitant about joining and thought it might be intimidating but boy was I wrong.  CrossFit Queen Street is amazing!  Storm and Callum are always there to answer my fitness questions and are constantly motivating me to reach my goals. CrossFit Queen Street’s friendly coaches and members make working out fun and enjoyable. They are the ones that cheer me on when I finish first and cheer harder when I finish last. I attend the 6:30am class on a regular basis and cannot imagine starting my day off any other way. The group environment is amazing and I’ve made some great friends at CrossFit Queen Street. I am eager to see what fitness challenges the coming years with this amazing crew will hold for me"


Brittany McEachern 

"CrossFit Queen Street is hands down the best workout community I have ever been a part of it. The atmosphere created by the coaches and other members encourage me to push myself to my limits at every session. The coaches are very knowledgeable and work hard to cater the workouts to each and every member’s skill level and athletic ability. As a competitive triathlete, I have experienced how the strength, joint mobility and self-confidence I have gained through CrossFit transfers over to other sports as well. I definitely recommend CrossFit Queen Street to anyone looking to challenge themselves in a fun and supportive environment! I can promise you that you will leave every session feeling better than when you walked in"



Michael Onesi 

"I have been a serious runner for 15 years and was looking for something different when I started doing CrossFit in the summer of 2013. My advice to runners now is to stop running and start doing CrossFit. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength training.

Running can be a lonely sport so I love the group atmosphere of CrossFit Queen Street. People are encouraging and the club is a great way to meet new people.

To me, what makes the club so special are the coaches – Callum and Storm. They are both knowledgeable and encouraging. They push me to do my best and I have seen amazing results after working with them.

I’ve brought my kids to the club a few times and Cal and Storm gave them mini workouts, which my kids loved. The coaches genuinely care about the health of everyone who walks through the doors of CrossFit Queen Street"

Brooke Logan 

"The words “I can’t” were words I used too frequently. CrossFit Queen Street has changed my “I can’t” into “I can”. Having watched the CrossFit Games before I joined the Queen Street CrossFit community, my expectations on what I was getting myself into were a little scary. I thought because I was out of shape that I would be laughed at and dismissed for not being able to complete workouts. I built up so much fear about joining CrossFit and failing that it took me four times going to the gym to actually go through the doors. Were my expectations ever wrong though! I was greeted with open arms and words of encouragement. I was given one on one instruction to ensure proper form was being used. I was encouraged to add more weight when I thought I couldn’t. I’ve been a Queen Street member for just over 3 months now and what seemed impossible when I initially joined is now a warm up. You don’t know your fitness limits until you push yourself. Storm, Callum and the other coaches at Queen Street push you to that next step when you think you can’t. Finishing dead last gets more cheers and encouragement than finishing first. I think about when I started and how I didn’t even have any fitness goals, now with the help of CrossFit Queens Street I have goals and I can’t wait to reach them!"

Natalie Lambert 

"Since retiring from varsity level swimming at McMaster and returning to Kingston for Medical School, I had been searching for something to get me excited about training and fitness again. I swam for 13 years, and loved it but was definitely ready for a break from the pool. I experimented with some strength training and fitness programs on my own, but really missed the team atmosphere and coaching expertise.

That's when I found CrossFit.

CrossFit Queen Street has an amazing atmosphere--the athletes encourage and push each other to actively pursue their goals and go the extra mile, making gains and PRs a weekly phenomenon. One of the best parts about CFQS are the coaches--Storm and Callum--who make each and every workout tough and help us achieve our goals. Their expertise and training allows them to teach complex movements with ease and to adjust workouts, depending on ability level and training goals.

One other amazing thing about CrossFit is the efficiency. You get an amazing workout in just over an hour, allowing you to do all the other things you need to in a day while still making fitness and health a priority. CrossFit has been the perfect switch from varsity athletics and I am so glad to say that I am a part of the CFQS community"

Natasha Mrsades

"Before CrossFit, I was going from class to class trying out different workouts but nothing stuck. When I found out about CrossFit Queen Street I finally found what I was looking for. The workouts pushed me harder than ever before and I felt so much stronger! Every day I woke up with more energy and had a desire to eat healthier and get involved in more healthy activities! It wasn't just the workouts though, it was CrossFit Queen Street. Storm and Callum were the main reason I felt so at home and they are the reason I keep going back! Every time a new person enters the gym, Storm and Callum welcome them with open arms. They support every person no matter how much they lift, and encourage everyone to push themselves based on their comfort level. I have always felt safe dong CrossFit because they have an amazing staff that make sure everyone is using the correct form. No one moves up a weight level until their have perfect form to prevent any injuries. When you've gotten a new PR, Storm and Callum are right there to spot you and take a video! They make you realize how proud of yourself you should be when you've pushed yourself! The CrossFit Queen Street squad has created a home and a family where anyone and everyone are welcome as long as you're willing to work hard and encourage each other. I am so happy and feel so lucky to be apart of this family. They've given me the confidence I never knew I had"

Jake Forsythe

"Both the coaches and members make CrossFit Queen Street the best gym in Kingston. Being part of such an energetic and positive environment makes going to the gym the highlight of my day. Every moment spent at CFQS is challenging, exciting and lots of fun! No matter what your fitness focus may be, Callum and Storm are always there's to help, supervise, and push you. There is no place I'd rather be!"