The deep squat is a basic human position of rest. In modern western society, most of us spend a lot of time sitting in chairs and cars. This can cause poor posture, tight hip flexors, immobile ankles, and many other negative health consequences. 

Benefits of spending time in a deep squat

1. Mobility: All babies can squat. But, if you avoid the squat for long enough, you will lose the ability. The best way to regain the ability to squat, is to squat. The squat can improve your mobility in the the ankles, knees, hips, and the posture of your thoracic spine.

2. Foundation for movement: getting comfortable in this position can help your ability to move, be stable and mobile in all physical activities you do inside and outside the gym. 

3. Digestion: Squat is the natural position for pooping!



30/30 Squat Challenge

If you struggle with getting in the squat position, it is definitely something worth working on. We recommend trying out Ido Portal's 30/30 Squat Challenge. 




Like the squat, hanging is a basic human movement, going all the way back to our ape days of being arboreal!

Benefits of hanging

1. Mobility: Hanging mimics the overhead position we use in CrossFit. It uses gravity to help open up your shoulders and thoracic spine.

2. Foundation for movement: Getting comfortable hanging prepares your shoulders, back, and arms for other pulling and gymnastics work.

3. Grip strength, endurance and hand strength: If you do not yet have the grip strength to complete a hang, check out our hanging progressions.

Hanging Challenge

Like with the squat, you can improve your hanging ability just by spending more time in that position. Ido Portal also has a hanging challenge, to spend 7 total minutes accumulative time (not all at once) hanging for 30 consecutive days. For more information.