When starting CrossFit, what should I focus on?
The first thing you should prioritize when starting CrossFit is to show up to class consistently and work on your movement mechanics. Consistent attendance builds a habit which creates long term success, and mechanics develop a foundation for future performance and injury prevention.

How often should I train?
We recommend athletes train 3-5x/week. If you are looking to maximize your fitness we recommend 5 training days/week with Thursday and Sunday as rest days. That being said, training schedule may change based on your individual factors, so for specific recommendations talk to your coach.

Why are most CrossFit workout short (8-20 minutes)?
Shorter workouts allow athletes to train with more intensity. In order to get results from training you need to work hard (higher intensity) and as the length of a workout increases the intensity will naturally decrease. 8-20 minute workouts allow us to do enough volume to get a positive effect from the workout, without compromising intensity. 

What do all of these acronyms mean? 
WOD: Workout Of the Day
AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible
EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute
RFT: Rounds For Time
ROM: Range Of Motion

How do I get a pull-up? 
Check out our pull-up progressions

Should I train when I am sore? 
Yes! Just let the coach know how you are feeling before the session starts. 

Should I train when I am injured? 
We recommend continuing to train while injured. However, you may need to make some modifications. Check out our injuries page for more.