Workout of the Day

A. Six sets of:
2 Paused Clean Pulls (below knee, above knee, mid-thigh, and finish)
1 Hang Clean (below knee)
Rest 60-90 seconds
*Notes: hold each position for 3 seconds)

B. Three sets of:
3 Back Squats @ 90%
Rest 3 minutes

C. For time:
21 Front Squats
200m Run
15 Front Squats
400m Run
9 Front Squats
600m Run
*15 minute time cap. 



Week in Photos and Slack Lining Social

The Week in Photos is up on our Facebook page, head over and check it out -


We will be having a Slack Lining Social/Seminar on November 15th (Saturday), from 11am-12:30pm, members and friends are invited. Here is the event page -