Workout of the Day

A. Warm-Up (Rowling)
5-6 sets of 100m 

B. Three sets of, not for time, of:
30m Wheelbarrow Walk
Max Pull-Ups (or partner assisted)

C. Three sets of, not for time, of:
Partner Assisted Handstand (15-45 seconds)
Max Muscle-Ups or Muscle-Up Progressions

D. AMRAP in 5 minutes of:
20 Double-Unders
*Complete with a partner, every time one athlete completes their double-unders, switch. 
**Score is total meters rowed, and Double-Unders completed (each double under is worth 5 meters). 


CrossFit Training and Intensity

Interesting Article from JTS on "The Sport of Fitness" and intensity in training. Although this is written for competitive CrossFit there are also some great take aways for general training. With our own programming we like to keep in mind that it is easier to break someone down than it is to build them up. The goal should not be soreness, pain, or volume, it should be to give your body the right type and amount of stimulus to produce a favourable adaptation.