Workout of the Day

Fitness Level 1

A. 10 minutes of Clean Technique Practice

B. Five sets of:
5 Front Squats
Rest 30 seconds
5-10 Ring Rows or Pull-Ups
Rest 2-3 minutes

C. Two sets for time of:
25 Ball Slams
50 Sit-Ups

Fitness Level 2

A. Six sets of:
1 High-Hang Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Hang Clean (below knee)
Rest 90 seconds

B. Three sets of:
10 unbroken Hang Power Cleans @ 60% 1-RM Clean
*Go up from last week. 

C. Front Squat
Set 1 – 6 @ 75%
Set 2 – 4 @ 80%
Set 3 – 2 @ 85%
Set 4 – 6 @ 80%
Set 5 – 4 @ 85%
Set 6 – 2 @ 90% 
Rest 2-3 minutes

C. Two sets for time of:
25 Ball Slams (45/30lbs)
50 Sit-Ups


Reminders for the Week

  • Weightlifting Coaching: Every Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm, and Saturday from 11am-12pm is weightlifting instruction. These sessions are beginner level weightlifting sessions meant to improve your technique and proficiency with the lifts. 
  • Recovery Workshop: This Thursday from 6:30-7pm we will be hosting a recovery workshop for all Queen Street members. The purpose of this workshop is to educate you on how to best recover and progress with your training. 
  • Gym Etiquette: We have noticed that during certain workouts when earlier heats finish they go about putting their equipment away while other heats are still going. It can be discouraging having the people you are training with cleaning up all around you while you are grinding through a tough conditioning workout so we would like for everyone to wait to put their equipment away until everyone is finished the WOD. 
  • Muscle-Up Progressions: Over the next month we have set a gym goal of getting 5 ladies their muscle-ups. This may be a bit ambitious but we are going to go for it and run a series of progressions that will hopefully get us there.