Workout of the Day

Fitness and Performance

A. Choose 1 of the Following:
-20 minutes of Clean & Overhead Technique Practice
-20 minutes to build up to a heavy Single Front Squat
-20 minute to build up to a heavy single Push Press

B. “Fran” or Movement Prep for the Member Competition
*8 minute time cap. 



A. Back Squat, build to today’s heavy single
*Does NOT need to be a 1-RM

B. Press, build to today’s heavy single or Jerk
*Does NOT need to be a 1-RM
**Talk to coach about which one. 

C. “Fran”



A. Movement Prep/Warm-Up
1) Dynamic Warm-Up
2) Med Ball Throws

B. Clean Practice
1) 3-Position Clean
2) 1 High-Hang Clean + 1 Hang Clean

C. Front Squat, build to a heavy triple

D. Accessories
1) Glute-Ham Raise, 3 x 8
2) Back Extensions, 3 x 8
3) Knee Raises, 3 x 8


Member Competition this Saturday - November 14th

This Saturday starting at 9am is our second Team Member Competition. So far we have over 30 team signed up, athletes coming in from out of town, and vendors offering to help fuel our athletes. We would like to extend a thank you to JaktRx, and Strong Bars nutrition for agreeing to come out and support the event. This should be our biggest and most exciting event ever!

More Details on the Event Page here -