Workout of the Day


A. Movement Prep
Dynamic Warm-Up: Neck, shoulders, spine, hips, ankles
Two sets of: 20 sec Plank/20 sec Passive Hang
Two sets of: 20 sec Handstand/20 sec Passive to Active Hang

B. Gymnastics Skills Practice
Hanging Practice
-Passive/Active Hanging
-Front-to-Back Swings
-Side-to-Side Swings
-Pull-Ups (kipping)
-Bar Muscle-Ups
-Rope Climbs
-Levers on Rings
Support Practice
-Wall Facing Handstand
-Free Standing HS (partner assist)
-Free Standing HS
-Ring Support
-L-Sit (paralette or rings)
-Press to Handstand

C. Optional Conditioning
For time, with a partner:
250 Calorie Row


Performance and Competition

Rest Day


Hoodies & Gymnastics WOD

Hoodies are in! If you ordered one, stop by the office to pick it up. They are $40 each. Based on the popularity with this order we may be putting through another order soon. 

Also, Gymnastics WOD is today at 7:30pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to refine your bodyweight movement skills so we highly recommend coming out.