Workout of the Day

Fitness and Performance

A. Deadlift, 5 sets of 3 reps
*Straight sets, or building to today’s heavy triple.
**Between sets, practice Handstand Holds OR Ring Positions (levers, skin-the-cats, etc…) 

B. For max calories:
1 minute Ski Erg
30 second Transition
1 minute Row
30 second Transition
1 minute Assault Bike



A. Movement Prep/Warm-Up
1. 2 sets of: 10 Overhead Squats (bar), 20 second Hollow Body, 20 second Passive Hang
2. 2 sets of: 10 Snatch Balance, 20 Front-to-Back Swings, 20 second Handstand
3. 2 sets of: 5 Overhead Squat, 5 Snatch Balance, 5 High-Hang Snatch, 5 Hang Snatch

B. Skill Development
- Snatch: 20 minutes
-Clean & Jerk: 20 minutes
-Gymnastics: Toes-to-Bar, Double-Unders, Muscle-Ups, Pull-Ups (C2B!!!)

C. Conditioning



Today (Saturday) from 12:30-1:30pm we will be slacklining at the gym. This is open to all Queen Street members and we highly encourage you to come out if you are looking to try out a new skill and have some fun.