Workout of the Day

Fitness Level 1

A. Five sets of:
10 Bench Press
Rest 30 seconds
10 Deadlifts
Rest 2-3 minutes

B. In 15 minutes Accumulate:
2-3 minutes of Active Hanging
2-3 minutes of Ring Support Holds
20-50 Pushups

C. Surprise
*BOR penalty. 


Fitness Level 2

A. Muscle-Up Progressions
Three sets of:
5-10 Pull-Ups (or variation)
5-10 Dips (or variation)

B. Four sets of:
10 Bench Press @ 60%+
Rest 30 seconds
10 Deadlifts @ 60%+
Rest 2-3 minutes

C. Surprise
*BOR penalty. 


Rowing Clinic this Thursday from 6:30-7pm

This Thursday from 6:30-7pm we will be hosting a short rowing clinic going over how to make your stroke more powerful and efficient. Everyone can benefit from going back over the details so we highly recommend people come out for this. The clinic will be movement based (so please dress accordingly).