Workout of the Day

Fitness Level 1

A. Four sets of:
8 Shoulder Press (moderate)
Rest 30 seconds
10 Feet Assisted Pull-Ups (challenging)
Rest 2 minutes

B. Three sets of:
10 One Arm KB Rows @ 31X1
Rest 30 seconds
10 Ring Rows
Rest 30 seconds
10 Pushups
Rest 1 minute

C. For time:
50 Burpee Bar Touches


Fitness Level 2

A. Five sets, not for time, of:
5-12 Handstand Pushups/Variation
Rest 30 seconds
5-12 Pull-Ups or Variation
Rest 2 minutes

B. Five sets of:
3 Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat
Rest 2 minutes

C. 10-8-6-4-2 rep rounds for time of:
Snatch (135/95lbs)
Burpees Over-the-Bar
*12 minute time cap. 
**Perform with a partner, 1 person does 10 snatches, then partner 2 goes, alternating back and forth the entire time.