Workout of the Day


A. Five sets of:
5 Push Press
Rest 2-3 minutes
*Increase weight each set. 

B. Three sets of:
15-60 second Wall Facing Handstand or Max Handstand Pushups
5-8 Muscle-Ups or 5-12 Ring Dips
30-60 seconds of Double-Unders

C. 20-15-10-5 rep rounds for time of:
*Performed with a partner, while partner does toes-to-bar other partner performs Burpees. Maximum of same number of burpees as toes-to-bar each round.



A. Three sets, not for time, of:
Handstand Walk x 10-15 meters
Muscle-Ups x 4-8 reps
Hang-to-Inverted on Rings x 2-4 reps
*Goal is to control the movement on both the ascent and descent, and keep your body as long as possible.

B. Jerk
*Set 1 – 3 reps @ 60%
*Set 2 – 2 reps @ 70%
*Set 3 – 2 reps @ 80%
*Sets 4-8 – 1 rep @ 90+%
Rest as needed
*Hold receiving position in all sets for 1 full second to assess proper footwork and positioning – make adjustments and prioritize mechanics over load.

C. Three sets of:
Push Press x 2-3 reps
Rest as needed
*Make these as heavy as you can handle.

D. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 6 minutes of:
3 Muscle-Ups
6 Ring Dips from Muscle-Up Station
9 Toes-to-Bar

Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit) on 60 minutes

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