Workout of the Day


A. Gymnastics Skill Practice
20 minutes to Practice

B. Three sets of:
30 sec Active Hamstring Stretch/Side
30 sec Bottom of Squat Hold
30 sec Passive Hang
*Not for time, just going through at an easy pace between exercises. 

C. Coaches Choice



Active Recovery Swim Day


A Note on Recovery

As many of you are already aware, Thursdays at Queen Street are an Active Recovery day for the majority of our athletes. We schedule this into the program with the knowledge that it is not going to work perfectly for everyone, because we believe the benefit to the majority outweighs the inconvenience to the few. Your progress while training with us is as much a function of how well you recover as it is a function of how hard you train. 

We are in the process of establishing a system for feeding all of you better information about optimizing your recovery, and are also considering adding some sort of option for consultations or personal help with dialling in recovery. But, in the meantime we will state the basics. The two things you can have the biggest effect on are your sleep and nutrition. If you can consistently get these two pieces in sufficient quality and quantity then you are on the right track. Your gage for how well you are recovering is how your body feels. After the initial adaptation to the program you should not feel sore, tired, unmotivated, and weak. If you do it is what CrossFit likes to call a "failure to thrive" and is likely the result of inadequate recovery. If you are feeling this way rest up today and eat lots of good food. More info to come later!