Workout of the Day


A. Find a Max Set of Pull-Ups (any variation, record type)

B. Make up tester from earlier in the week/ACTIVE RECOVERY
*Pick your own skills. 


B. Three sets @ easy pace, of:
400m Run
10 Burpees
20 Double-Unders
Rest 1 minute



Active Recovery Day


Road to Conviction CrossFit HQ Series and Regionals this Weekend!

CrossFit Headquarters has been putting out a series over the last while called Road to Conviction based upon a man named Fletcher Tholin who went to jail, found CrossFit, and completely turned his life around. Really inspiring story that is well worth watching. Really makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have the facility that we have. Here's the link - VIDEO 

Also, regional weekend number 2 is under way with the East, Pacific, and California regionals taking place. If you interested in watching, head over to the CrossFit Games website for live streaming -