Workout of the Day


A. Six sets of:
5-10 Handstand Pushups
Rest 30 seconds
8-15 Ring Rows
Rest 1 minute

B. Four sets of:
15-45 second Handstand
Rest 1 minute
*Handstand does not need to be wall facing. 

C. AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
4 Pull-Ups
6 Shoulder-to-Overhead
8 Kettle Bell Swings


Announcing the Queen Street 1-Year Anniversary BBQ

We are super excited to announce that we will be hosting a BBQ on the night of Friday June 26th to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of CrossFit Queen Street. More details will follow over the next few days but please book the night off. In addition to the BBQ on Friday night we are going to be paintballing on Saturday the 27th after the sessions finish up at the gym. All of our members are welcome and are encouraged to bring friends, family, and significant others. Get ready for a great night!