Workout of the Day


A. Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single Strict Press
*Should be resting 3+ minutes between maximal attempts. 

B. Three sets of:
2-8 Muscle-Ups or 3-5 Challenging Ring Dips
Rest 1 minute
30-45 second Handstand
Rest 2 minutes

C. In teams of 3-4, complete Max Reps at Each Station of:
3 minutes of Sled Push
3 minutes of Rope Climbs
3 minutes of Burpees



A. Five sets of:
3-5 Handstand Pushups (find your most difficult variation)
Rest 30 seconds
3-5 weighted Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes

B. Rowing Intervals
Two sets of:
3 min On
1 min Off
2 min On
1 min Off
1 min On
1 min Off
*On = 80% effort
*Off = 50% effort (still rowing)

C. Optional Class WOD

*No running today!