1. Hang Power Clean
Build to a heavy double

2. “DT”
5 rounds for time:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks


1. Snatch Technique
8 Sets:
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch Balance
1 High Hang Pausing Squat Snatch

2. Stamina Builder
Barbell-Facing Burpees
Toes to Bar

*Thanks CompTrain for the awesome programming!


Gymnastics strength programming is back on this week as normal. If you are new to the programming, it is a 3x/week gymnastics strength development supplement to classes. The workouts are broken down into 3 categories based off strength level for those (1) Building to a pull-up, (2) Building to a Muscle-Up, and (3) Those who can already perform Muscle-ups. The workouts are written for a generic athlete with the assumption that you will need to scale up or down the workouts based on your capacity.

New this cycle, the third tier of programming is now called “Gymnastics Skills”. This is for athletes who have already developed the strength for muscle-ups and would now like to develop capacity across the various CrossFit gymnastics skills. The programming is written for athletes with an interest in competing, but will benefit anyone who wants to increase their gymnastics capacity.

Developing the Muscle-Up
1. Muscle-Ups
6 x 2 High Ring Transitions

2. Strength
5 sets:
3 C2B Chin-Ups (2 sec @ top)
3 Ring Dips (2 sec @ bottom)

3. Accessories
X-Sym: Iron Scap
*Perform 10 Scap Pull-Ups b/t each movement.

Developing the Pull-Up
1. Strength
5 sets:
2 x 8-10 sec Chin-Up Negative
4-6 Incline Pushups

2. Accessories
3 x 10 One Arm DB Rows
3 x 10 DB Bench Press
3 x 10 DB Bicep Curls

Gymnastics Skills
1. Strength
EMOM 10:
3 Strict Muscle-Ups

2. Skill Conditioning
5 rounds, not for time:
10 Toes-to-Bar
50 unbroken Double Unders
25ft Handstand Walk